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Denmark. Copenhagen.
Latitude 56
Copenhagen is hot. Many of the young people who live here are true trendsetters and way ahead of the times.
Life is live. Life is 56.

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Europe‘s rugged north coast and the major Scandinavian city of Copenhagen offer the ideal home base for functional daily needs and challenging fashion statements.

... discover Natural Coast 56°

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Our love for the small and yet valuable details becomes clear when you look at the lively colours, the fashionable embroidery, the brushed metal logos or the small flags.

Made of high-quality combed cotton core spun yarns with Lycra, we guarantee quality and a real “feel good feeling”.


NC 56 - Scarves

Always a fashion eye-catcher, the NC56 scarf collection spices up boring everyday clothes and breathes a breath of fresh air into your outfits.

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NC 56 - Socks

They are a must for everyone because NC56 caters for everything from the classical design for every day and business to the fashionably loud courageous models for the extroverted style.

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NC56 - 4Legs

The new legwear is different, exciting and flexible. There are colourful tights and leggings as well as leg warmers and over the knee leg warmers, which can be combined with each other in any number of variations.
Every day trendsetters show us again and again their changing sense of fashion.

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NC56 - Caps - You make the style

Keep a cool head with headwear that offers you a lot of room to your personal taste.

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NC 56 Socken

Socks, you couldn’t imagine life anymore without these fashion accessories, thanks to NC 56 and their colourful and high quality materials.
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